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A picture says a thousand words and I feel it’s very important to capture a child’s personality in a fun and natural way. Playing peek-a-boo, singing songs and being silly is a joy to get those special toothy grins and wide-eyed smiles Mom and Dad just love! As a child photographer based in Charlotte NC, I’ve developed loads of patience and special tricks to bring out the best in every child I photograph. Reverse psychology and our HUGE  candy treat treasure box are always huge hits!

You can expect to have a fun and friendly experience of capturing you and your family in the best possible way. My photo sessions are very relaxed and informal so don’t worry about tears and tantrums I’m an experience professional! My aim is to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable time.

Being a mother of three children (13 years, 10 years and a toddler) I fully understand that most children find it hard to sit still for long periods of time and they will give you their best when they are happy and content. Therefore I have adopted another approach other than the old school “sit and say cheese”. I aim to make their experiences of having their photo taken fun, relaxed and enjoyable. I achieve this by handling them with care, patiently encouraging them and enthusing them positive prompting, songs and of course candy treats!

The natural portrait service I offer is exactly as it says, images of your special family members in a comfortable, relaxed and fun filled setting. Natural expressions, happy smiles and pure enjoyment of life is what I like to draw out of each of my mini models.

We provide advise and guidance for wardrobe planning so that each child portrait is uniquely suited to your child. We provide a plethora of tutu’s, petti skirts, hair bows, hats and props so all you need to bring is your child in a sweet disposition. Of course if they have a favorite toy bring that along too so that they feel comfortable.

Our favorite child portraits are of those celebrating milestones like birthdays, Easter, Christmas and family relationships.

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